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Thursday, December 23, 2010

baru download photoscape kat pc opis la katekan..hehe

sebbkan bos i g outstation 2 i saat lah free sampaikan sempat dolod potoscape kat pc i yg selalu hang out ni.(hang act)..hehe.....act kat my laptop ade dah tp laptop prob so x ley un ni kireye cm batak la...hehe..batak dok edit pix..haha...padahal time dulu da muak da dok edit nieh...kuikui...upppsss juz nak share act pagi td nmpk iklan vacancy as a secertary kat city link then i pun anta la resume tup3x sumone dari city link call.his name is mr trinesh.dgn speaking yg cam pekat sgt...die ask me for the inteview next i said, tuesday should be tuesday on 9.30 i should arrive at that this weekend is totally for my preparation for that inteview...huhu...n then for a confirmation i call balek mr trinesh tu then ask him about the he said that's for a secretary for sales manager.

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